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     FurCen.Org is proud to cater largely to the furry or anthropomorphic internet community, and also to the general interests and needs of netizens. We offer a broad range of Services to our users using the most recent software and hardware available to our office. We are owned and operated by Foxtail Computers, a sole proprietorship belonging to Jurann Foxtail, the main systems administrator for FurCen.Org. For more information that is not covered in the rest of this document, please send mail to the appropriate address at the bottom of this page.

     What happened to the Furnation service?
     Some of you may be aware that the primary sites on this server were once hosted by Furnation. Times change, admins change, sites outgrow their hosts, and administrators often times have conflicting ideals for the way things are done. All of these factors affected the need to move over to a new content provider. Since no other ICP's were immediately available, FurCen.Org was created to fill that role. In a nutshell, the reasons for the move were that primarily the webmaster at Furnation requested that the sites be moved for sketchy or undisclosed reasons. Secondarily, the FurCen.Org site was created out of demand, interest and tighter control and development of the sites previously hosted at Furnation. Due to our move from a Windows NT Server running Netscape Enterprise Webserver to a Debian Linux box running Apache Webserver, we were able to gain a stronger foothold on the UNIX-based CGIs and web devels we needed to support. In the future we expect Apache to provide us with a very strong platform for growth, stability and compatibility. Furnation served the interest of website hosting for the time that was needed, and now something more is desired for the future. Our thanks to Furnation for the past, but we look to ourselves for tomorrow.

     More about FurCen.Org...
     So what does FurCen.Org do, what is it there for, and what does it stand for? Hopefully that can all be answered here. FurCen.Org is what is called an ICP or Internet Content Provider. What differs between and ICP and ISP is that an ICP only offers machine-based services and no connection or networking services, in other words, we'll host websites, give out e-mail addresses, run mailing lists, etc, but we do not offer dial-up service or other networking services. We're here to offer services to the internet community that it cannot offer to itself. Most people don't have the resources or know-how to run a server and manage several internet processes, so that's what we do. Finally, since we cater mainly to the furry fandom and lifestyle of the internet, FurCen.Org is short for Furry Central, and we are an Organization to help promote and support said interest group.

     System Information:
     We have upgraded to running a single primary server and a secondary server, whereas we used to operate on just one machine. We are currently in the process of adding two newer, faster machines to replace the current servers, and use the primary and secondary servers of today to be reserved for specific hosting needs like MU*s and newsgroups.
     The current server is running with a Linux 2.2.1 kernel compiled with heavy network optimization on a Pentium 233MMX CPU with 128MB RAM and 130MB swap partition. Primary network communication to the internet is via a Full-Duplex 394k SDSL WAN router to an upstream provider using static, non-ambiguous IP addresses. Server network communication via a 3COM 590 Boomerang PCI PnP 10bT NIC to a non-ambiguous Class C network over a 3COM Office Connect DS8 10/100 hub.
     The secondary server also operates on a Linux 2.2.1 kernel with a Pentium 200 CPU and 64MB of RAM, 130MB swap space on a 20GB UDMA/33 HD. It's specific roles at the time are to provide secondary DNS hosting and Xwindows hosting for development purposes. This server also acts as backup to the primary, and keeps a binary cpio image of the primary's HD every night for immediate backup in case of HD failure or data compromise.
     We are currently building upgraded machines to replace the existing servers. Though we have nearly all the hardware, and one of the machines is undergoing burn-in right now, we are waiting on a few things before bringing them online. One of those things is the new Debian Linux distrobution which will be coming out very soon. Another involves learning how to lock-down some of the security features of the system so we can allow more services with less risk, and another involves automating backups and getting RAID1 online for the primary server. The new primary server is a Dual P3-550eb mainboard with 256MB PC-100 SDRAM and on-board SCSI2-UW, with 2x 9.1GB SCSI2-UW HDs. The new secondary server is a Dual P3-667 (only one CPU right now) and we're still waiting for a line of new credit to pay for the PC-133 256MB SDRAM and it's HD. Both servers are using a Netgear FA310TX NIC for network communications and an ATI Charger 3D 8MB AGP video card for compatibility. Both machines also have two front-mounted high-output cooling fans and three high-output fans in the rear, allowing optimal cooling throughput. If you would like to donate to the cause, please send mail to the Admin address below.

     Contact Information:
If you are having technical difficulties using FurCen.Org, please send mail to: tech@furcen.org
If you would like to report abuse of FurCen.Org facilities or resources, please send mail to: abuse@furcen.org
To contact the server administrator for FurCen.Org, please send mail to: admin@furcen.org
To contact the webmaster for FurCen.Org, please send mail to: webmaster@furcen.org
For additional information about FurCen.Org, please send mail to: info@furcen.org

To contact the maintaners of individual sites, please see the site in question and send mail to the appropriate address.
The above listed addresses are only for matters concerning FurCen.Org as an internet service and content provider.

Any other mail may be ignored or deleted at the recipient's discretion.

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