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     The Affiliate Program here at FurCen.Org was established to help support and promote web-based traffic to other furry sites of interest to our users and clients, and to promote reciprocal traffic back to our own site. If you'd like to join our Affiliates Program, and meet one of the criteria below, see the bottom of the page for more information. Here is more information on each type of account:

Primary Affiliates:
     In order to qualify for the Primary Affiliate membership, a site must be well-maintaned and of sufficient interest to be added to such category as the administrator sees fit. Good examples of such sites are those that are both well-designed and professionally or semi-professionally maintaned, or those sites which contain a great deal of easy-to-use information that may interest our users. Primary Affiliates must also carry the FurCen.Org logo or banner with a link to our main site on their main page, or the page which is initially loaded when a client browses their site. We ask for this level of association because Primary Affiliates' links are shown each time our main page is loaded, offering high exposure to those sites.

Personal Affiliates:
     Qualifying members of the Personal Affiliate classification will exhibit a FurCen.Org logo, banner or text link on their main page, or the page which is initially displayed for their site. These sites tend to include personal or non-organizational content of users who show a desire to form an affiliation with our site and services. We greatly appreciate these members' efforts and devotion to our services.

Other Affiliates:
     This category is reserved for those that wish to be listed on our site as having a link to our services, but do not wish to strongly promote FurCen.Org or any of the services hosted herein. The only requirement for this membership is a text or graphic link, anywhere on the site in question, to FurCen.Org's main page or URL.

     If you would like to participate in our Affiliate Program, just complete these few, simple steps.
     - Create a link on your site, based on the account type desired above, to our main page. You may use one of the graphics below.
     - Send e-mail to informing us of the new link and which membership you would like.
     - We will review your site and verify the link, then e-mail you back once you've been added to our program!

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