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Furry Grand Central News:

June 22, 2000 Finally updated the header graphic and decided to do a little redesign of the main page. Welcome to 2000, now that it's half over you can get ready for 2001... We haven't been recieving any feedback or information, hence the lack of updates. Send us mail!

October 7, 1999 The Glossary, Buttons, Mailing Lists and MU*s pages were all updated. Please feel free to send in new or updated info using our User Comment Form or by sending mail to fgc@furcen.org. Check out the Furry Buttons page and help us collect them all!

Great News! We are taking requests for the NEW Furry Database! Registering is simple, fast and free! This is a new and professionally written 100% web-based CGI database, the first of it's quality in the furry fandom. See the Furry Database page for more details...

Coming Soon: We are currently developing a full range or useful services to furry internet users, including improvements and new features on the Furry Database, a search engine system that catalogs furry servers (FGC Spider), and a forthcoming image and artist directory system (FurAID).

Remember: Your feedback is important and necessary to keep this site running! If you enjoy this service or find it useful, please let us know!

The counter was reset in 1998. Thanks to your support, we've had over 20,000 hits in our first year and a half of operation!

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