About Furry Grand Central

     This is it. This is all you ever wanted to know about FGC and more. We've tried to include just about everything we can think of to track info on Furry Grand Central and it's progress as we attempt to keep it growing and providing more free furry services for the fandom. Right below is the topic menu.

What is Furry Grand Central?

     Furry Grand Central strives to become one of the most versatile and powerful furry websites and resources on the internet. Of course, this is not a solo effort, in order to make it work, it will rely on all the participant's activity and involvement. We have donned the responsibility of tackling this task, though we expect all interested in taking part to take an initiative in which you provide us with current and updated information. We're hoping that with some time and effort, Furry Grand Central will become the resource we can only dream it to be.
     What we hope to offer is any information pertaining to or relative to the furry fandom. Information on Conventions, Publications, Websites, Furmeets, Newsgroups, MU*s, and even the individuals themselves. We expect that those with the information to fill the pages of FGC will share that info with us so it may be placed within these pages. So please, if you have anything to contribute, even your gratitude or vote of support, let us know using the simple mailer form linked here.

About Furry Grand Central

     Furry Grand Central was previously run with HTTPD 16-bit for Windows through a dynamic IP service provided by htonline.com during the initial test phase. At that time we used a 486DX2-66 and 14.4kbaud modem as the HTTP server through a dynamic PPP account with a local provider. Then we moved to Louisville and shopped around for a provider, and found KA.net to be the most convenient and best suited to our needs for running FGC.
     Eventually Furry Grand Central was moved to Furnation, running on Netscape Enterprise Server through FurNation.com's Windows NT internet server. Furnation once used a T1 line through UUNet in Bowling Green, Kentucky but they have since moved the server several times, and had many unexpected and unannounced outtages.
     We decided that FGC was big enough and had enough traffic to justify having it's own server and connection. It was also a luxury for us to be able to host not only the site at our own location, but to operate the server as well, giving us finite control over it's capabilities and CGI structuring. This last move has allowed us the power and flexibility to move ahead with an astounding new level of productivity.
     The server we are currently operating on is an Intel architecture P100 machine with 80MB of EDO RAM, on a dedicated 56k connection. Our OS of choice is Debian Linux v2.0, with frequent kernel updates and package updates. We operate through Apache Webserver v1.3.3 with full CGI capabilities. We are currently pushing for a new server and internet connection, with the latter already in place. By October 1999 we intend to be running on a P2 - 400 machine with 128MB 100Mhz SDRAM, RAID1 SCSI, TAS and 128k ISDN.
     When we started out, pages were typically designed with Notepad or similar text editors. These days we usually work on the pages using MicroSoft FrontPage98, though for a brief time we used Dreamweaver 1.2 for page design. GUI and WYSIWYG HTML editors definitely improve speed and eficciency of building and maintaining pages, even if most of them tend to be a little quirky. Most CGI for the site is developed in Shell Scripts or in Perl or a combination of the two. Since the beginning, we have been using WS_FTP for upload and download of our site via FTP. Our thanks to IPswitch for a great product.

Furry Grand Central History

September 9th, 1996: (FGCindex1.35)
 - Added History and Hits Profile sections to All About page.
 - Added Wildnet IRC page and link to main menu.
 - Added Newsgroups and Mailing Lists page and link to main menu.
 - Added Guestbook page and link on main menu.
 - Added "How-To" section to Furry FAQs page.
 - Added last revision date and titles to each page.
 - Freshened and cleaned HTML code in all pages.
September 10th, 1996: (FGCindex1.35)
 - Fixed glitches in several pages.
 - Designed some "construction" Rules and added them to pages.
September 14th, 1996: (FGCindex1.35)
 - Updated Furry Database (Added 17 new entries.)
 - Reformatted and stream-lined Furry Database page.
 - Text counter Profiling system design near completion - almost ready for testing.
 - Added several entries to the Newsgroups and Mailing Lists page - no links yet.
September 26, 1996: (FGCindex1.36)
 - Updated FGC news and added new FurRing pics on main frame and main page.
 - Updated most pages and added "fefefe" (white) background color.
 - Updated Furry Database (Added 18 new entries.)
 - Added new location listing policy on the Furry Database.
 - Added Anthro FAQ, FLML FAQ, and Ten Furcent FAQ to FAQs page.
October 03, 1996: (FGCindex1.40)
 - Added Netscape promotions and links to main page.
 - Started commenting HTML source on main pages.
 - Fixed background color error on construction rule.
October 09, 1996: (FGCindex1.40)
 - Updated MUCKs page and information.
 - Wrote Perl CGI viewer for thumbnail pictures.
October 10, 1996: (FGCindex1.41)
 - Added/updated links to both links pages.
 - Updated main pages and FGC news: Removed Wildnet page - Fixed frames error.
 - Updated Furry Database (Added 11 new entries.)
 - Updated Friends page, Tworks page
October 15, 1996: (FGCindex1.41)
 - Added Furry/Were Database Request Form and CGI!
 - Added AP Entertainment 1997 Calendar Offer page.
 - Updated main pages and FGC news accordingly.
November 04, 1996: (FGCindex1.42)
 - Updated FGC News, main pages and Glossary.
 - Updated Furry/Were Database (Added 22 new entries / removed 1.)
 - Commissions by Grimm and Al Mackey finished.
December 03, 1996: (FGCindex1.42)
 - Updated Furry/Were Database (added ?? new entries.)
 - Corrected transparency problem in opart pics on tworks page.
December 04, 1996: (FGCindex1.42)
 - Removed AP Entertainment 1997 Calendar Page - sold out!
December 09, 1996: (FGCindex1.43)
 - Completed Database Update and added graphic.
 - Updated most pages and verified info.
 - Changed main pages to reflect news and changes.
 - Fixed transparency problems with counters.
December 17, 1996: (FGCindex1.43)
 - Added white background to all pages.
 - Moved all pictures/links to images directory.
 - Fixed more graphic transparency problems.
 - Moved all Jurann's art/writings to Timothy Rea's pages.
 - Split Art and Writings into two pages.
 - Updated Main pages accordingly.
January 18, 1997: (FGCindex1.44)
 - Added new FGC Logo (by Grimm) to main page.
 - Updated Travels, Writings and Friends pages.
 - Updated Index and Main pages accordingly.
March 7+8, 1997: (FGCindex1.50)
 - Moved site to FurNation. New address: www.furnation.com/fgc/.
 - Updated Main page, removed all personal pages (Moved to personal site.)
 - Updated Furry/Were Database (added xx new entries.) - Broke into two pages.
 - Removed frames and streamlined HTML code - some new graphics.
 - Updated all pages to work with FurNation and new e-mail at fgc@aye.net.
Sometime in 1997: (FGCindex1.xx)
 - Stopped tracking revision history due to unnecessary time consumption.
 - Who really reads this stuff?!
Last history revision: January 23, 1998 

FGC to do List

     This is a personal list of things that need to be done around here still. If you see anything you'd like us to work on faster, just let us know using our info submission form. This is mainly for our own internal use as we often tend to forget to do things.
  • Keep Furry/Were Database updated.
  • Keep FGC News and main pages up to date.
  • Advertise more on public Furry and Were services.
  • Get more graphics/commissions for FGC pages.
  • Start an FGC website of the week/month awards program.

Hits Profile

     This portion of the page is still awaiting the completion of a CGI hit-profiling system currently being designed by Jurann. When it's finished, it will track the number of hits on each page for a given period of time, including statistics, percentages and so much more.

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