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     This is Furry Grand Central's Furry Buttons page. Here you will find virtually every button related to furry websites and services from all over the 'net! It's a virtual plethora of furry information, all jammed right here into the ultimate furry visual links page! But alas, we can't get all the buttons and links, and need more of them, so if you have some, or know where we can get them, let us know! Send mail to fgc@furcen.org.
     Wanna create your own button for your website or some other furry service out there? It's easy! You can use most graphics programs, we would strongly recommend using PhotoShop, but that's all personal preference... Anyway, the standard for buttons on the internet is a GIF image whose size is exactly 88 by 31 pixels in size. You CAN animate them if you like, but try to keep the file size below 5 or 6 kilobytes, please. Happy button making!
     Note: Animated buttons may be cut to a single frame due to file sizes. We strongly recommend you use a utility like Debabblizer to compress animated GIF files. We will generally decline any image over 6k in size.

[Furry Resource Page] [Furnation Button] [Fur Central Button] [YiffCo Button] [ASB Button]
[Kevin & Kell Website] [The Lion King Website] [Yerf.Com Archives] [Limpidity Button[ [Miavir's Furry Treasures]
[AnthroCon] [Furry Deutschland] [Xydexx's AnthroFurry Homepage] [SocioPolitical Ramifications MUCK] [Eric Schwartz Productions]
[FurCen.Org Furry Services] [Go Bare Pawed!] [Loony Lynx] [Simba's Website] [FurCen.Org Furry Services]
Supermegatopia Michelle Light's Art Further Confusion Y2K Michelle Light's Art Purple Griffon Arts (no link)
Desinty Star's Werelinks The Furry Database Shardiana Studios

Wanna join our list of buttons? Send the button and link to fgc@furcen.org!
Or use our new info submission form and send us the URL to your button and site!
Please add a link to our site! Here are a few buttons to choose from:
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