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     Welcome to Furry Grand Central's Convention info and links. Here we will try to sum up the recent happenings and decisions made by the con committees for any and all of the largest furry cons in the world. Here will also be included links personal info on con happenings and reports of recently attended cons. User submissions of reports on any of these cons would be greatly appreciated, and pictures are also welcome. We especially encourage submissions and information from from the convention staffs, please send us mail! If you'd like to see more here, or less as the case may be, please let us know at
     We have compiled and intend to maintain a Furry Convention Calendar at the bottom of this page in order to track the next upcoming conventions on our site and give you a rough guideline of the timing between conventions for easier planning. Click the link to get there fast.
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ConFurence 2000? San Diego, CA, USA
ConFurence 11 Theme: ??? Pre-Reg: $?? - Reg: $??
     ConFurence is the largest world-wide furry convention by far. It was hosted each year in the Los Angelos, California area in January, but the constaff has recently changed gears and is now hosting it in the San Diego, California area in April. Confurence is strictly a furry convention, with a main sub-theme each year. For more information, please see the ConFurence Homepage as linked in the heading.

Duckon June 11-13, 1999 Chicago, IL, USA
Duckon 8 Theme: TBA Pre-Reg: $30 - Reg: $40
     Duckon is one of the largest Midwestern Science-Fiction and Fantasy conventions in the United States. Hosted each year in the Chicago area in May or June, it supports the furry fandom to a very large extent. Each year you can expect to see many furry artists, furry tracks, and furry dealers. The con usually runs 3 days over a Friday, Saturday and Sunday schedule. For more information, please see the Duckon Homepage as linked in the heading.
     Last year Duckon 7 was held from June 12-14 at the Ramada Inn Rosemont/O'Hare, right near the airport with a 24-hour shuttle for guest convenience. Last year's Duckon was a huge success for the furry tracks and parties, and this year had more than double the space for more artists and dealers! This year we had a huge dealer's room full of furry artists of all sorts, and a great artist's alley with plenty of art in motion. Duckon boasts a great masquerade and furry dance which many of the best fursuiters from around the world attend.
     Word has it that the furry track will be removed from Duckon in an effort to start a furry-specific convention in the Chicago area in it's place. From all reports we've heard, the scheduled time is November 2000. No name has yet been announced, nor have any other specific details. More as it becomes available.

AnthroCon July 2-4, 1999 Valley Forge, PA, USA
AC3 / AC99 Theme: ??? Pre-Reg: ??? - Reg: ???
     Albany Anthrocon #1 ran from July 3-6, 1997. This 'furry relaxacon' was put on by a combination of folk who have done the famous furry Halloween parties and many of the people who made Confurence East '95 a success. This looks to be a contender for the largest furry con of the east, and promises to have a good turnout and many new and exciting tracks and events.
     Reports of the first meeting of AAC were quite mixed. While some had a great time, others thought the con was very poorly done. One thing that must be noted about AAC is that they are very tight on things such as security and adult material, forcing many artists to cover up the 'naughty bits' of their art. Again at the recently held second meeting of AAC, the constaff was very tight about adult materials and the viewing/sale of such items. The staff claims that the laws in New York are what caused the stricture in rules, and the convention for AC #3 in 1999 has been moved to Pennsylvania. The Omni Hotel of Albany was certainly not well-equipped for the convention, and many congoers had difficulties with the hotel service as well as local laws.

Mephit Furmeet September 3-6, 1999 Memphis, TN, USA
MFM99 Theme: ??? Pre-Reg: ??? - Reg: ???
     The Mephit Furmeet was a somewhat small furry relaxacon in Memphis, Tennessee. Last year's turnout was very high, over three times the attendance of the first MFM in 1997, and MFM has now become a full-blown convention. This year MFM99 will be held on Labor Day weekend, September 3-6. MFM offers many furry tracks and SIGs as well as a great deal of artists and furry activities. If you go to a furry convention to have a good time relaxing and being with friends, this is the convention to go to. For more information, please see the webpages as linked above.

Further Confusion 2000? San Francisco, CA
FC Y2K Theme: ??? Pre-Reg: $?? - Reg: $??
     Yet another new furry convention that has sprung-up in California. We still don't have any information on it, so if you do, please send it in! We finally obtanied link information for Further Confusion, a little late sadly, as this update is just days before the con starts.
     Reports from the first meeting of Further Confusion were great. The FC staff is looking forward to a stupendous second year.

Feral! August 14-18, 1999 Ontario, Canada
Feral! 99 Theme: ??? Pre-Reg: $175 - Reg: N/A
     A new furry con in Ontario, Canada, Feral! proves to show some great promise as it's not your ordinary, everyday furry con. Located in the woods of Ontario at a real log cabin style summer camp, and run by some of the fandom's biggest names, it certainly has a good deal of furry appeal. For more info, please see their webpages as linked in the heading.
     Feral! '98 is over, and reports are that the con/camp was fabulous. Info is currently available on the website as linked above for this year's event.

ConiFur October 1-3, 1999 Seattle, WA, USA
ConiFur Northwest 99 Theme: ??? Pre-Reg: $20 - Reg: $30
     ConiFur is the first-ever furry convention to open up in the American Northwest in the great city of Seattle. Reports of the first meeting of this con were good, though the constaff has moved to a new hotel just outside of Seattle in Fife, Washington. It was unfortunate that last year's ConiFur was scheduled on the same weekend as the Mephit Furmeet, though this year they are not. See their homepage as linked above for more info.
     This is another convention that has never sent us any info and forced us to track them down. Please send in info if we don't have any!

SkyCon August 12-15, 1999 Windsor, NY, USA
SkyCon 99 Theme: ??? Pre-Reg: $90 - Reg: $100
     A new furry campout/con in New York state at a beautiful, out-of-the-way park, SkyCon promises to be a lot of fun. Camping, hiking, outdoor sports and events and campfire cookouts highlight the outdoor excitement that SkyCon promises. Please see the website for more details.
     Their website is gone! Sorry, folks, we don't have any for-sure info on SkyCon anymore, but we'll try to hunt it down for you...

MoreFurCon ??? ???
??? Theme: ??? Pre-Reg: ??? - Reg: ???
     CANCELLED! Organization has cancelled and possibly closed down the convention. More info as it becomes available.
     ConFurence East was one of the largest furry-specific conventions in the world, probably second only to ConFurence in California. As of ConFurence East #2, the convention is now known as MoreFurCon. The last meeting of the convention in 1996 was a blast, though some were left with a bad taste in their mouths. It was held in Cleveland, Ohio usually in October. For more info on CF East, please see their homepage. For more info on Wolf Park, please see
     Although MFC was cancelled for 1997, it has been rumored that there will indeed be a 1998 meeting of MFC, though their homepage currently just says 'CANCELLED'. If you have any more information on this, please send e-mail.

EuroFurence ??? ???
??? Theme: ??? Pre-Reg: ??? - Reg: ???
     EuroFurence is the European equivilent to the ConFurence convention in America, the largest furry con in the world that started it all. EF4 ran from August 1-5, 1998 in Heeze, Netherlands, no reports on the convention have come in yet. For more information, please see their website as linked in the name heading above.

A-Kon June 4-6, 1999 Dallas, TX, USA
Project A-Kon: 10 Theme: ??? Pre-Reg: $30+ - Reg: $35+
     A-Kon is an anime/manga-themed convention held each year in Dallas, Texas. Many area furs and furs from around the southern US attend A-Kon. Please see their webpage for more info.

DragonCon July 1-4, 1999 Atlanta, GA, USA
Dragon*Con 1999 Theme: ??? Pre-Reg: $40 - Reg: $60
     DragonCon is one of the world's largest Sci-Fi and Fantasy conventions in the world, with artists, actors, writers and fans coming from all over the world and all professional backgrounds. Last year's DragonCon boasted nearly 19,000 in attendance! Although this convention is of particular interest to furs and furry fans, it is unfortunately being held on the same weekend as AnthroCon99, and DragonCon is also not a furry-specific convention, though furries are certainly welcome.

MarCon May 7-9, 1999 Colombus, OH, USA
MarCon 34 Theme: ??? Pre-Reg: $35 - Reg: $40
     Hosted in Colombus, Ohio in March, MarCon is one of the smaller Sci-Fi Fantasy cons in the Midwest, but hosts a decent number of furries. If you have any more information such as dates or activities, please send them in.

Ad Astra ??? ???
??? Theme: ??? Pre-Reg: ??? - Reg: ???
     Ad Astra is reportedly the largest furry convention in Cananda. However, there is no locatable web page for them, and there are apparently no further scheduled meetings. If you have any information on this convention, please e-mail FGC with the appropriate information, thanks.

WorldCon ??? ???
??? Theme: ??? Pre-Reg: ??? - Reg: ???
     WorldCon is a convention that a great deal of furs reportedly attend. However, we don't have any more information on this convention! We've added a link to their easy-to-find website, but due to the site being written in Nerdese, were unable to interpret any other information.

Furry Convention Calendar

Further Confusion January 14-17, 1999 San Francisco, CA
ConFurence April 1-4, 1999 San Diego, CA, USA
MarCon May 7-9, 1999 Colombus, OH, USA
A-Kon June 4-6, 1999 Dallas, TX, USA
Duckon June 11-13, 1999 Chicago, IL, USA
AnthroCon July 2-4, 1999 Valley Forge, PA, USA
DragonCon July 1-4, 1999 Atlanta, GA, USA
SkyCon August 12-15, 1999 Windsor, NY, USA
Feral! August 14-18, 1999 Ontario, Canada
Mephit Furmeet September 3-6, 1999 Memphis, TN, USA
ConiFur October 1-3, 1999 Seattle, WA, USA
??? ??? ???
Convention Calendar Notes:

     Gee, there sure are a lotta conventions in the summertime. Can't we get something in November or February down in sunny Florida, please?
     How about some of you con organizers do a little more 'organizing' as to the dates, huh? No one in their right mind could make it to both AnthroCon and DragonCon, nor SkyCon and Feral!

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