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Furry FAQs

Ten Furcent FAQ
By Bandit

Q: What is Ten Furcent?
A: Ten Furcent is a fanzine devoted to images of alternative sexualities in anthropomorphics.

Q: Why the name "Ten Furcent?"
A: The name is a play on words, from the Masters and Johnson survey, stating that ten percent of the population is gay. I just replaced the "per" with "fur" to make a furry pun out of it.

Q: What Format is Ten Furcent?
A: Ten Furcent is printed on 8.5 X 11 xeroxed paper, featuring copied cardstock covers, and bound with a plastic "comb" binding.

Q: How often is Ten Furcent produced?
A: Ideally, Ten Furcent is produced in January, April, July and October. However, since the editor is a bustling graduate student, issues may occasionally have to be shifted, in order to accomodate school. If so, notice will be placed up.

Q: What exactly is Ten Furcent devoted to?
A: Ten Furcent's focus is alternative sexualities-- sexualities that deviate from the mainstream norm of heterosexuality-- in both illustrations and fiction. Alternative sexualities include gay, lesbian, and transgendered.

Q: What about bisexuality? Why isn't it included?
A: This is the question that I find myself getting flamed for most often. While I acknowledge that bisexuality is indeed an alternative to heterosexuality, I also have to acknowledge that bisexuality entails either heterosexual or homosexual activity. As heterosexual activity, even committed by a bisexual, is still heterosexual activity, it does not fit the format of the zine. This is not an attack against bisexuality. This is not a judgement, implying that bisexuality is no better or worse than any other sexual behavior (as has been implied both behind my back and in my presence). This is, however, my role as an editor, insuring that the fanzine remains focused.

Q: How does one submit to Ten Furcent?
A: Artists and writers are welcome to submit between 5 to 10 pages for consideration. Preliminary submissions can be sent to the address below. Upon full acceptance, I will further notify the new artist/writer about submitting to future issues.

Q: Who is in Ten Furcent?
A: The number grows with each issue, and varies, depending on the issue in question.

Q: How much is an issue of Ten Furcent?
A: I price issues on a sliding scale, according to size. Since I don't know how large an issue will be until publication, I can't give a consistant prediction about the price of an issue.

Q: How large is an issue?
A: I try for a minimum of 60 pages, and am happy to see an issue surpass that mark. It just depends who submits to an issue.

Q: How do I order an issue?
A: Send a money order for the price of the zine, plus shipping, to the address below. Usually, it takes about 3 weeks to turn an issue around.

Q: What about back issues?
A: Back issues are available, and in print. Just specify which back issue you'd like.

Q: What about subscriptions?
A: Yes, subscriptions are now available. I work them on an account-based system. You open an account, by sending in a certain amount of money (I reccomend $40). When an issue is published, the issue is mailed, and your account is debited for the issue and shipping. When an account runs low, you'll recieve a note.

Q: What's the address to send preliminary submissions and orders to?

   Matt Henry
   Mad Badger Studios
   3310 Hoskins Holler #A
   Orlando, FL 32826

Q: Is there an email contact?
A: Yes. bandit@netaxs.com

Q: What about the back issues? You said they were available.
A: Here's the full breakdown on back issues:

 Issue 1  $10, 96 pages.
   Includes: Bill Fitts, Terrie Smith, Mike Curtis, Jim Pigtain, Kamen Kyote,
   Daphne Lage, Bob Drake, Andrew "Aethan" French, Dean Johnson, T.S. Wessner,
   Annette Miller, Brian Miller, Scot Masters, Frank Gembeck Jr., Robert Hill,
   Andrew Murphy-Mee.
 Issue 2  $6, 64 pages.  
   Includes:  Mercy Van Vlack, Jim Pigtain, C.K. Penchant, Bob Drake, Daphne Lage,
   Chris Sawyer, Shon Howell, Terrie Smith, Kamen Kyote.
 Issue 3  $7, 70 pages.
   Includes:  Gordon Spurlock, Bill Fitts, C.K. Penchant, Chris Sawyer,
   Terrie Smith, Bob Drake, Andrew "Aethan" French, Rum Wolf, Sky Rigdon,
   Matt Henry, Kamen Kyote.

Q: What about shipping?
A: As of 5-1-96, shipping is as follows:

                 One Issue       Two issues          Three+ issues
United States       $2               $3                    $4
Canada              $3               $4                    $5
Overseas            $6               $7                    $8

Any questions, comments or suggestions can be sent to bandit@netaxs.com, or p #mailed to Bandit.

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