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     Many various image archives and directory systems exist amidst the furry fandom, some have come and gone... Others are bulky or difficult to use. The biggest of them is mostly unreliable. You know, the one that's down all the time, supposedly for upgrades, right? The one that can't even serve a full image without freezing up at times? We have a concept under development for a new furry artist and image directory that will surpass the quality and ability of any you've ever seen. The most powerful searching, the most friendly, the most convenient. We like to call it FurAID, short for the Furry Artist and Image Directory.

     Are you an artist? How would you like to easily upload images to the directory from inside your web browser, then easily edit the image's attributes and options? Do you sell prints for the image? How much are they? Any prints left? What's the image called? And a lot more info you'd like to tag to an image, all easy to setup and change, on the fly. How about a bio of yourself and your work? No messy HTML design required, just fill out the fields in a simple form that are relevant, and you've got an instant website with information users may want to know, and things you may want to share.
     Are you a user? You could find images quickly and easily, with just a few clicks. Find out if the image is for sale in prints, get the dirt on the artist, you name it. You can search by style, artist, medium, availability, genre, subject, even the name of the image itself. Finding images could never be easier!

     Sound good to you? Hang in there, we expect to start working on this system in 2000, and hope to have something online by the end of the year!

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