Furry Newsgroups

     This is a page of useful information regarding furry-related internet newsgroups. Here you will find things from general furry interest to very specialized types of newsgroups. This is one of the pages that we're currently re-vamping, but if you have a newsgroup to add, please mail fgc@furcen.org.
     Newsgroups (often referred to as "usenet") are massive automated mailing lists run by servers around the world. Servers only handle mail to and from newsgroups that they subscribe to. At present, there are many furry newsgroups, but few servers that carry these newsgroups. There is soon to be a partial list of servers that DO carry some of the listed furry newsgroups. To view newsgroups, you will need a news mail reader, such as the one included in all versions of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Explorer, or news-specific programs such as Free Agent, obtainable on Tucows.

Furry-Related Newsgroups

Here is a list of some of the better-known furry-related newsgroups available:
  • alt.fan.furry
  • alt.fan.furry.muck
  • alt.fan.foxes
  • alt.binaries.pictures.furry
  • alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.furry
  • alt.lifestyles.furry
  • alt.culture.anthropomorphics
  • alt.sex.furry
  • alt.sex.bestiality
  • alt.animals.* (bear, raccoon, fox, feline, etc)
  • fur.announce
  • fur.comics
  • fur.conventions
  • fur.lifestyle
  • fur.mucks
  • fur.stories
  • fur.stories.erotica
  • fur.stories.writers
  • fur.artwork
  • fur.artwork.erotica
  • fur.artwork.misc

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