Yiffnet IRC and #Furry

     Yiffnet is an IRC network strictly dedicated to furs and furry topics. There are currently many servers linking Yiffnet together, as listed below. It's basically a place to get together with other furs and chat, have some small RP sessions, and get to know others on an interpersonal level. The atmosphere is very free and laid back, though many take Yiffnet quite seriously, and don't appreciate anyfurs who will try to ruin their day. We are mostly adults, and adult topics are sometimes discussed, though we prefer to remain innocent and youthful. No swearing, cussing, putting down, or flame wars are acceptable here, so be warned.
     There are currently many regular channels on Yiffnet, as the number of furs using Yiffnet has grown quite considerably since it's humble beginnings. The main channel is #Furry and is designated for general purpose use. Those of you new to furridom or Yiffnet are advised to go there to find out what Yiffnet is all about and get a taste of how it works. #Furry was originally carried by Efnet for years, until a small coalition of furry IRCops decided to get away from the limitations and cramped use of Efnet, thus forming their own IRC network, Yiffnet. Although the name 'Yiffnet' may lead you to believe it is an adult-oriented or sexual content network, please note that it is not, and that the name Yiffnet just came about as being furry-oriented. The IRC network has nothing to do with yiff.

Here are the current servers carrying Yiffnet:

  • Superior - yiff.superior.net port 6667
  • Lupine - yiff.lupine.org port 6667
  • Tau-Ceti - irc.isc-br.com port 6667 (Possibly down)

Some of the channels Yiffnet has to offer:

     If you'd like to see another server or channel added, please let us know at fgc@furcen.org!

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