Mailing Lists for Furs

     This is a page of useful information regarding furry-related internet mailing lists. Here you will find things from general furry interest to very specialized types of  mailing lists. We are still in the process of re-vamping this page, but if you have a mailing list to add, please mail
     A mailing list is basically like a newsgroup, but is run simply by a single person or server-bot that sends mail to each member of the list when mail is posted to the mailing list. This means that you need no special software other than your normal mailing program to send and recieve mail from a mailing list, your program will retrieve it like a normal piece of mail addressed to you. Soon there will be links to these lists with info on how to join them and what they're about. If you have any more information, please let us know by using our info submission form.


Furry Mailing Lists

. Here is a list of currently known mailing lists (the links go to their webpages):

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