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     This is the MUCK page. A MUCK is a type of Multi-User Database (or MUD for short, also known as Multi-User Dungeon) in which you control a character that interacts with a semi-structured virtual world. Although MUCKs are all text, if you have a vivid imagination and an interest in Role-Playing, it's worth investigating. They can be hard to figure out at first, but there are always friendly furs willing to give you a hand online. If you would like to see another MUCK listed here, just drop some e-mail to fgc@furcen.org or use our new info submission form! A table of MUCK info is available at the bottom of the page, if you see a MUCK that has missing or incorrect info please e-mail any corrections.
     Before you go off plugging the addresses below into Netscape or a mail program, it may be wise to know that you'll need either a telnet or MU* client in order to use a MUCK or any other MU* related system. If you're using a Windows-based system, please see www.tucows.com for either type of client software - most MU* clients will be in the 'Games' section. Also for Windows are MUD Sock and Phoca/Phoca95, two highly recommended and very nice MU* client programs. If you're using a Mac, it's been recommended (by Inkypaws of FluffMUCK) that you check out MudDweller. On a UNIX-based system, TinyFugue is the recommended client, though you can also use a raw telnet session.

Furry-related MU*s and Descriptions

     The largest and most populated by far, FurryMUCK is the "main" furry MUCK of choice. Also known as FM for short. Though it's quite large and has many great features, this presents a drawback as the lag gets quite bad there during prime time. Sometimes there are over 400 players connected at once, and lag rates can be anywhere from 2 to 30 seconds. One more disappointing problem at FM is that the mapping and layout of the MUCK is haphazard as it's grown way too large to control, and no 'reality check' was ever put in place to prevent such a mess.

     Over two years in the making, FuroticaMUCK has finally hit the scene. It's a new 100% furry adult-themed MUCK aimed towards a structured world based on a furry reality and is geared for RP. With new programs, new users and a myriad of documents not found elsewhere, this is definitely one of the hottest new MUCKs around!

Brazilian Dreams (DOWN)
     One of the larger MUCKs, BD supports a large number of users over three separate "continents". Unfortunately, the system administrators of Brazilian Dreams took down the server long ago. There was word of a sequel, though no one has contacted FGC with information.

Socio-Political Ramifications
     With a nice, long, intimidating name like that, you'd expect it to be a political forum. On the contrary, it's got nothing to do with the name. This is also one of the larger MUCKs, so you may want to check it out as well.

Fluff MUCK
     Fluff is a full-featured, quotaless MUCK of moderate size. Recommended for newcomers to furry mucks, it is friendly but not overwhelming (avg. 40 - 70 connected nightly) and welcomes role-players and socializers alike.

Furtoonia MUCK
     Furtoonia is exactly that, a sickeningly sweet toonish MU* server. Buried in politics and disputes amongst the users and the staff, this is DEFINITELY NOT a friendly or welcome place to visit, but if you're feeling brave, go for it. The layout is extremely haphazard as the staff so poorly maintains the service and it's layout and design.

Tapestries MUCK
     Tapestries MUCK has risen from the ashes and is once again a fairly popular MUCK. It is adult-oriented, so don't be surprised if you logon as guest to see rampant adult scenes in the main park from which you start and everyfur meets. You must be 18 years of age to get an account here, and no humans are allowed, anthropomorphs only. If you're looking for this same type of service, you may wish to first try FuroticaMUCK out for feel, or try them both at once to compare!

     Anyone with info on WildMUCK, please e-mail me. There has been no response at it's address fur many weeks... No further info is available at this time.

     Located at Tigerden, TigerMUCK is yet another furry MUCK run on the Tigerden server. TigerMUCK is a relatively small and peaceful MUCK with no more than a handful of users at any given time. It's a mostly OOC environment, not very welcome for RP.

     PosiMUCK is no longer 100% tech, it is based around a central theme of hyperspace where people can hyperjump to many unconnected worlds, including tech, the RC homeworld, magical, foxes... and more. It's theme is still sci-fi, this doesn't exclude the above, but serves as a basis for the ability to travel between them. (Info from Posi_Cat)

Furry Fuzz
     A laid-back, small, easy-going MUCK. Usually hits it's peak of about 30 players when FurryMUCK is down. Check it out if you're looking fur a new MUCK to find friendly and interesting furs. (Info from Kaylan)

Furry Energies
     A MUCK where creativity is not just a trend, it's the theme! Designed to eventually form a significant output of good MUF/MPI code and new building techniques, the rules are simple to nonexistent and code is allowed to flow freely in an environment based upon creativity. Multiple worlds will open up, one or several at a time, linked by 'The Wood Between the Worlds' from the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. (Info from Caspian of Furry Energies.)

Furry Faire MUCK
     Awaiting info.

LonePort MUSH
     Awaiting info.

Dark Furr
     Awaiting info.

Listing of Furry Friendly MU*s

     The information on the MUCKs listed below may not necessarily be accurate. If you have updated information, please send mail to fgc@furcen.org. MUCKs with a ??? anywhere in their listing are MUCKs that FGC has received no contact from, if you are on such a MUCK, please send new or updated information, thank you.

Listing of Current Furry-Related MUCKs
MUCK Abrv. Address Port Theme Rating
Animal Village AV ocelot.velox.com 7777 ??? ???
Brazilian Dreams BD -DOWN- -DOWN- Furry PG - X
DarkFurr DF 4201 Furry ???
FluffMUCK Fluff acmelabs.com 8888 Furry G - PG
FuroticaMUCK Furo muck.furo.net 6969 Furry Only X
Furry Energies FE casfox.iag.net 9999 Furry G - X
Furry Faire MUCK FFA 8888 Furry ???
FurryMUCK FM furry.org 8888 Furry G - X
Furry Fuzz FF 8888 Furry PG - X
FurToonia FT -unknown- -unknown- Furry/Toon G - PG13
Narnia MUSH II NM arcana.power.net 4201 ??? ???
Pathways Paths bonkers.neosoft.com 8888 ??? ???
PlushMUCK PM holly.warwick.ac.uk 6666 Furry ???
PosiMUCK Posi 4551 Furry G - X
Realms MUCK RM realms.tcp.com 7765 ??? ???
Redwall MUCK RW ??? ??? Furry ??? G - ?
Sociopolitical Ramifications SPR svansmoj.ctrl-c.liu.se 23 Furry G - X
Tapestries MUCK Taps tapestries.fur.com 2069 Furry Only X
TerraFrore MUCK Terra redwall.otterspace.com 8765 ??? ???
TigerMUCK TM tigerden.com 8888 Furry PG
Unbridled Desires UD epona.magibox.net 8888 Equine PG - X
WildMUCK WM -DOWN- -DOWN- Furry Only PG - X

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