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The New Furry Database This page is home to the Furry Grand Central feature service, the Furry Database. On this page you will find info on finding other furs, registering with the FDB, and all account administration functions.
A Furry Glossary The Furry Glossary maintained on FGC is an ongoing project to chart the peculiarities of furry language and dilectual inflections. Whoops, it's just a page with lots of furry words and what they mean. Please contribute!
FGC Furry Buttons Hub Graphical links page - THE Furry Button Hub of the internet, if it exists, we hope you can find it here! If it's not here, please give it to us or make one and we'd be happy to toss it in.
FGC Guest-book Our guestbook is currently non-existent. We'd like to make our own, but may suffice with a free guestbook service. If you happen to know a good one, send us mail!
About FGC Some details about the site, the server we're on... *yawn* Prolly hasn't been updated in ages.
Convention Info & Links Here you can find all sorts of information about upcoming furry conventions, including links to their web sites. An event calendar for the upcoming conventions has also been added for convenience.
MUCKs, MUDs, etc. Massive listing of furry Multi-User gaming and social environments, including links to web sites, connection information, ratings and much more. This page needs to be constantly updated, so please send info!
Furry IRC and Chat A little bit of info on our furry friends on the IRC networks. Not a lot of info here yet, we'd like more.
FAQs and How-To's Some FAQs and How-To guides put together by various furs. We would like to add more info, so if you have links or documents, and the permission to proliferate them, please drop them to us.
Furry Newsgroups This page is a poor attempt to cover all the furry newsgroups out there both in the alt.* and fur.* trees. As usual, if you have info that we missed or got wrong, don't even think twice about correcting us.
Mailing Lists for Furs Lots of furry mailing list info so you can get spammed on a semi-daily basis. Most mailing lists focus on a specific geographical region or interest group.
Furry Publications Take a look at what you're missing out there in the dead-tree versions of the fandom's hard work. Seriously, there are a lot of wonderful furry comics and fanzines in print out there, check some of them out. This site still in design.
Links to Furry Sites Web sites specifically of furry-themed sites from around the internet. Fans, artists, organizations, internet services, etc.
The Old Furry/Were DB (Retired) The old, outdated Furry/Were Database page, which we still have up and running until the new FDB system is completed and operational, at which time the old users will be mailed with an update about the new database. Feel free to browse around, you'll see why we had to upgrade.
Miscellaneous Links
(Retired) Links that aren't specifically to furry sites, but may be of interest to furs and non-furs alike who are visiting Furry Grand Central.

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