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     FuroticaMUCK is a fairly new 100% furry adult MUCK server themed around role-playing and sexual encounters. It's our goal to make everyone happy and offer a little bit for everyone. We want all our users to enjoy themselves, have a good time, and explore some new or interesting things or people.
     What we are NOT is a babysitter for any angsty or childish users, and any such activity will not be tolerated for long. We don't remove users from our service unless they follow the policy, but unnacceptable behavior or abuse of priveledges can result in some rather interesting punishments. We take a very different look on things than most other furry MUCKs out there.

     The MUCK is set in a small corner of the kind of world where you never question where exactly you are cuz it's the best place there is. The themes vary based on Regions, each of the nine main regions have their own themes and ideas behind the terrains, personages and behaviors of it's contents. The Regions are discussed in more detail in the Regions Page.
     Mapping is basically kept under a very tidy and well-developed system of grids coming down the tree from Regions to Plots to Sub-Plots and further down. Most users will not need to be concerned with this layout, but it provides a very fine amount of detail to be maintained for maps and other MUCK programs.
Building generally follows realistic conventions as far as space relation and linking to other locations/rooms. All building projects are to be kept in a parent room for convenient access to both the user and the staff for review and placement inside the proper areas of the 'grid'. Exits that link two people's homes together which are located in seperate regions are illegal, for instance, and will be hunted down with complex programs and removed.

     Programs are fresh and convenient, much of the base programming for the MUCK has been recoded to be more user-friendly or is in the process of being made that way. Programming from outside sources or users of Furotica is highly restricted and must follow rigid guidelines for use on the server in order to maintain a high standard of quality, portability and user-friendliness.
     FuroticaMUCK is also a place of growth and learning. Unlinke many other MUCKs out there, Furotica is also trying to keep the most recent and updated documents on the usage and workings of the MUCK server and Furotica in specific. The documents are well-written and give specific information on how and why things are the way they are. There are many new documents as well that were written specifically for Furotica, which can't be found anywhere else.

     We hope you find our service and experience friendly and useful, and will do our best to meet all your needs. Please feel free to send us e-mail with any questions or concerns, and we'll get back to you as promptly as possible. This is a service designed for YOU - the user. Please help us in any way you can to make it a better one!

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