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Welcome to FuroticaMUCK's Frequently-Asked Questions page! Here we will try to answer as many of the common questions we get pertaining to the service, in as detailed a manner as possible. But we miss some things, so if you have any questions you feel should be placed here to be publically answered, please let us know!

Q: What is the address and port to Furotica, and why isn't it posted?

A: We do not publically advertise our address on the internet for a couple of reasons. Primarily because we do not offer guest accounts, therefore no one needs the address but our users. It is also a slight safeguard for the protection of our service that it is not given out publicly. All users will recieve the address and port to our service included in the confirmation e-mail of their character request.

Q: What exactly does 'furry-only' mean?

A: FuroticaMUCK is a furry-only service in that we only cater to (and allow) members of the furry fandom. If you're new to what the furry fandom or what this whole 'furry' thing is, it's not completely in the scope of this text to explain. We'd recommend surfing the web to find out more about it from a great deal of the available sources. For the purposes of the MUCK, a 'furry' is definied as any creature that is part animal, with it's bias being toward the animal side. Here are some simple guidelines:

What is considered furry:
     Any animal in it's true or pure form, such as a fox, dog, wolf, deer, bird, dragon, etc.
     Any anthropomorphized animal, such as a fox-man, wolf-man, werewolf, etc.
     Draconians and reptillians and some amphibians ARE considered furry to us.

What is not considered furry:
     Anime or cartoon characters, unless they are realistically adapted.
     Elves, dwarves, halflings, hobbits, etc. Not even if they have bunny ears and a tail.
     Humans are never welcome on FuroticaMUCK for any reason!
     Powergamers who are just the biggest galactic shit are also unwelcome.

Q: What is a MUCK?

A: A MUCK is basically a huge multi-user database gaming system that allows up to hundreds of people to connect and interact at once. It is a completely text-interfaced environment where you 'say' and 'pose' out what you do, and others react to your actions. The database is also full of objects you will move through and interact with as well. You can 'look' at them, and some may have special features, powers or actions associated with them. It is based on the very long-running MUD server architecture, but has been advanced and many new features added into it. MUDs were designed for gaming purposes, fighting creatures and the like, but on a MUCK, you will mainly interact with other players and objects on a social level. FuroticaMUCK is a virtual community.

Q: Is there anything special I will need to connect to the MUCK?

A: Yes and no. Chances are that if you are on the internet, you either have or have access to a telnet program of one sort or another. And while you CAN very well use telnet to connect to a MUCK and play, it is extremely difficult to use this method, and we would strongly recommend against it. There are numerous MU* clients available on the internet, both freeware and shareware, for download. Some clients that we would recommend are Phoca or Phoca95/NT, MUDSock, GMUD, WolfTerm, MUSHClient, and ZMUD, in that order. See our How-To Page for more detailed information on how to get connected.

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