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     Before sending in a registration through e-mail, please take the time to familiarize yourself with the theme and purpose of our MUCK. It is an adult-oriented site, and for furry users only. For more information, please see the About FuroticaMUCK and FuroticaMUCK FAQs pages first.

     Now Taking Public Requests!
     In the past several months, we've not been allowing new users from the general public. Lately we've changed that view since we do not have a very large userbase. We would like to improve our user connectivity and get more activity on the service in order to promote growth, building and overall interest. However, we do still review the requests for new user accounts for quality, clarity, intentions and more.

     We do screen our potential users, not because of any biases aginst certain types of users, but in order to keep some level of quality control. We are serious about the roleplay and reality of our world, and want it taken seriously. Quality in our users is also important to us, people who can be mature and show that they care about our service are the people who we wish to share our return gratitude of access to. Users are expected to follow policies of the MUCK responsibly, and are expected to have a firm grasp of the English language. Our service is attuned to the friendly side of life, and unfriendly or strongly opinionated users are not welcome to spread propaganda on our dime. We are also mainly looking for detail-oriented users who care about the little things and help make our world more real with that detail. In all, we are a friendly, helpful, caring community of users who are here to share with each other a virtual reality that could otherwise not be possible. If this community sounds good to you, and you are of the calibre we're looking for, please send an application to us by filling out the form below and clicking the Submit button.

What we expect in FuroticaMUCK Users:

  • Open-minded, at least somewhat caring, responsible users
  • Users who wish to enrich the detail and community of our environment
  • Detail-oriented users who use proper English spelling and grammar
  • Users with some understanding and experience in the furry genre

    What we do NOT desire in FuroticaMUCK Users:
  • Anyone with an aversion to erotic or sexual situations
  • Users who do not use good English practices (capitalization and punctuation are musts!)
  • Powergamers, twinks, hyper-spazzes, etc. need not apply
  • Closed matings or anything akin to them are not welcome here

         The form below will send a compiled e-mail to the new accounts address for FuroticaMUCK. When your e-mail is recieved, it will be reviewed by one of the wizzes. If there is any questionable information, you may recieve a reply mail asking to clarify any point in question. If your application is acceptable, then you will recieve a reply mail as soon as possible with the MUCK address, username and password. For more information, please see our FuroticaMUCK FAQ. Thanks, hope to see you soon!

    Please fill-out and submit the following form:

    Valid E-mail Address (Required - Double-check to make sure it's spelled right!)
    RL Name (Required - First AND Last name, please.)
    RL Birthdate (Required - You must be 18 years or older!)
    Character Name (Required - Letters, underbars and apostophes only.)
    Password (Optional - Will be assigned if you do not provide one.)
    Please tell us the names of any existing Furo users who referred you
    Where you heard about FuroticaMUCK (Be as specific as possible!)
    A brief explanation of yourself
    A brief explanation of your character
    Your interests and intentions in our service
    Anything else you'd like to share

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