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We currently only have a very short list of places to go, but we will be adding more as they become available.
  • The Quadrangle
  • Furotica YFCA
  • Garden of Eden Flats
  • Wizard Tower
  • City Hall

The Quadrangle

     At the heart of Furotica, and the heart of the City, is the Quadrangle. It's a peaceful little park in the middle of everything, and it happens to be the main hangout on the MUCK for spammers, chatting and travel. In the Quad you will find 9 distinct areas, each located in one of the 8 compass directions from the center of the Quad known as the Crosswalk. The Crosswalk is the meeting of two wooden walkways that criss-cross the park, with a Stepdisk in the middle of the intersection for travel to other Regions. There are plenty of large, sturdy wooden benches to sit around and chat on, and the Quad can be accessed at anytime from anywhere on the MUCK with the 'goquad' command.
     To the North, South, East and West of the Crosswalk are the walkways that connect the park to the main streets in the city. To the northwest is a Gazebo, the southwest is the Shady Grove, the southeast is the fountainhead, and to the northeast is the Information Center. The Shady Grove is ideal for a quiet, relaxing area to just rest or yiff in, the Gazebo great for meetings or group scenes, the Fountain for water- and grass-loving furs, and the Info Center is the information hub where posts can be made and read on the many topical bulletin boards.

Furotica YFCA

      Just to the south of the Quad, across Tiger Lane, you can find the huge Furotica YFCA - or Yiffy Furs' Center for Advancement. This is the default home for new furs that have joined the world, they will wake up and sleep in the free hostel. The YFCA affords many luxuries and facilities that are perfect for the active furs of Furo. In the basement is a double-olympic freshwater pool, hot tub, sauna and full co-ed locker room with showers. On the main floor, you will find a spacious lobby, the YFCA offices, game room and hostel. On the second through sixth floors, you can find a wide assortment of areas for many sports and fitness and yiffy uses. Like racquetball courts, basketball and soccer courts, aerobics room, combatives room, Nautilus room, weight room, running track and much more.

Garden of Eden Flats

     On the opposite side of Wolf Way you will find the quiet, secluded courtyard to the Garden of Eden Flats.

Wizard Tower

     West of the Quad is the shimmering Wizard's Tower. A spacious momument to modern technology, this round glass tower is the business and meeting center of the City community. This is also the administrative home of the wizcore of Furo.

City Hall

   Solid and noble to the east of the Quad lies the majestically built City Hall.

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