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     Xanadu is the great fabled city of wild pleasures by the sea... Lodged in mountains and caverns in the northwest of Furotica, it can be a rather rough land to deal with, though it is rumoured that the treasures are many. This was the city that the Mariner's Tale mentions as Kubla Khan's home of the Pleasuredome and the stockpile of all his treasures and conquests. The theme here is rugged and rather ancient, things mysterious and unusual are welcome here.


     The wilderness of Furotica is lush and green with forest beauty, a heavily wooded sylvan area. In the north of the wilderness is a large, clear-water lake to explore with natural hot springs and a small waterfall. Many small dirt trails cut through the forests, providing access to it's beauty and it's inhabitants. The theme is low-tech and natural, log cabins, treehouses and earthen dens being the home of choice.

Dark Swamp

     To the northeast of the city are the Dark Swamps and Forests, an area of brooding darkness and unknown spirits. Wet and murky are the lands, dark mists clinging to them and smothering out the sunlight. One never knows what may be found in such places. The theme is pretty obvious.

Sea Coast

     Surf's up! Soft, rolling plains fade to sandy beaches at the shores of the great West Sea. Towards the east of this region is a large savannah/grasslands area, while the west has cool beeches and coastline, beautiful blue water and lagoons stretching out away from the land. The theme is open to all times and technologies.

The City

     In the heart of Furotica is the great city. Our city isn't named yet, having been a collaboration of many furs' work in it's construction. In the center of the city is the cozy little park where (like every other world) furs gather and spam each other. Leading out from here are dark, smoothly paved streets running by towering buildings and other establishments. The general theme is present-day to modern with your typical uppedy city-slicker brujah.


     This is the region of rough, rolling hills and highlands where peat thrives and folk speak oddly. Surely some Scott style villages and castles will spring up on the moors of these lands soon enough. The theme is low-tech and somewhat old-middle aged, like Scotland, though creative liscense is available to qualified applicants.

Fantasy Lands

     In the southwest are the valleys and plateaus that make up the places where the fantastical creatures live. Magic and mysticism run rampant, and a myriad of unusual and wondrous creatures live in these lands. It is bordered on the south and west by the sea, a river flowing over a high waterfall into the bay of isles to the east. The theme is no-tech, a land for magical and mythical creatures and creations.

The Isles

     The Bay of Isles lays to the south of the city, a bright, shimmering sea of blue crystal dotted with lush, green isles. Ferries provide transport from isle to isle and to and from docks on the mainland coasts. The themes are as varied and open as each individual isle itself.


     Just what the name says, these lands are bad news. Dusty dunes and deserts are accompanied by dry, barren grasslands. Small outposts of renegades or the dens of fierce predators are not uncommon in these areas. The theme is wide open to times and techs.

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