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About the PSFG

   There's an email list dedicated just to the Pacific Northwest furry crowd and you're all invited!

   The PSFG is a mailing list dedicated to the furs of the northwestern United States, primarily centered around the Puget Sound area of Washington. The Puget Sound is a large body of water adjacent to Seattle and Tacoma that stretches many dozens of miles out to the ocean, and is dotted with many beautiful islands. We welcome you to our conversations, our events, and our good times.

   Access to the PSFG comes in two varieties at this time, one list for conversation and general chatter, and another second list just for events and major announcements - for those who feel that a heap of miscellaneous posts is not of their interest. The main list does have some pretty heavy days, with sometimes more than 50 posts in a 24-hour period. The events list contains much less traffic, usually no more than one or two posts a day on average

   While most of our users are based in the Washington area, we are not limited exclusively to furs based on geography. Anyone is welcome on the list, we just ask that you use common sense and good manners while using the list, and that you do not abuse it's priveledges. Now, on to the details...

Joining the PSFG

     To join the main PSFG mailing list, just send e-mail to:


     To join the PSFG-events mailing list, send e-mail to:


     The body and title of the message will be ignored, and the address you send the mail from will be your registered address for sending and recieving messages to and from the list.

     All messages posted to the PSFG-events list will also be posted to the main list, but the reply-to address of the PSFG-events posts will use the address for posting to the main list. If you are not subscribed to the main list and wish to reply to a PSFG-events posting, you will need to use the address of the original sender instead, or post to the events list (which we do not recommend).

     In order to post a message to the PSFG list (once you've successfully joined and recieved a confirmation e-mail), send email to:


     Or to post to the PSFG-events list, send email to:


     That's about it! If you would like any assistance, please feel free to send e-mail to jurann-nospam@furcen.org and I'd be happy to lend a paw to the best of my ability. (Please note: you must remove the "-nospam" portion of the address or your mail will not be delivered!)

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