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The primary design of the Furry/Were Database is to track and keep track of current information on any and all members of the fandom, from newbies to the old vets, no matter how low-key. Many things are being derived from this information, including furry density of regions, species density, etc. Your registration will be a great help to the furry community as a whole, so please take a few minutes to send mail and register!

The primary usage and interest fur the rest of you who are unboggled by statistics is to find other furs in your area, and to list yourself so others in your area may find you. The fandom is constantly growing, and new furs are popping up everywhere, so just when you thought you knew them all in your area, guess again. If you contact or meet another fur IRL using the Furry Database, please let me know as I intend to start a special section on how the Furry/Were Database has helped furs and weres get together.


Please tell a friend! That's how this service grows!

Joining the Database

Please join in registering with the furry database, weres are also listed here so if you're exclusively were please don't be shy! If you'd like to submit information to appear in the furry database (and please note that you should NOT submit any info that you do NOT wish publically listed here!), please submit the following information to

The Furry/Were Database Entry Request Form is currently out of order until a new Perl/CGI server can be found to support it. You'll have to send in new entries by hand, sorry.

New Policy change: Instead of fully registering through e-mail, you may now be added ONLY to the Regional Listings via page #mail to Jurann on a MUCK, or request via IRC chat!

 Basic Info:
   Furry Name(s)                 RL Name (optional)
   Email Address                 Webpage (optional)
   Species/Breed                 City, State/Province/Country
   Brief Furry Desc (optional)

 Optional Info:
   Furry Services You Use (i.e. MUCKs, IRC, News, Mailing lists)
   Other Furry Info (i.e. Sex, Prefs, RP, etc.)
   Other RL info (Sex, Prefs, Plans, etc.)

Using the Database

Regional Information

Important Note:
The Database listing has been broken into TWO distinct pages now fur your convenience. The Alphabetized list is now on it's own page, all the regional listings now have hyperlinks to the Alphabetized list (Click on the name below to go to the sectior where the name can be found.) ALSO: Due to popular demand, hyperlinks to mail and homepages of listed entries WILL be added soon! Hope this speeds-up and improves your access of FGC's F/W Database!

In order to find other furs/weres in your area, the Furry Database has been divided into many subdivisions based on regional location. Even finer subdivisions exist under the main regional classifications as well, clicking on one of the selections below will take you to that division's listing. Those who do *not* wish to disclose their locale will appear in a special section at the very bottom of the page. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to send some E-mail to Here are the regional classifications:


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